Now most of us have jio sim in our phone. But some of us are unable to use the jio network in it’s real speed there are many factors which a mobile network speed is depend on.

One of them is band. Jio works on multiple bands and our mobile will switch to each bands depending on our location. you may see that some times you are getting jio faster and slow on the same place .May be it is your house.This is because of auto band switching in our phones.there is always a band which is faster on your need to find it by using different bands in most cases band 40 .You can try other bands using the same method


Band nameFrequencySpeedCoverage
Band 402300fastestlow
     Band 31800 fasterhigher
     Band 5850slowhighest

But you even get a faster speed on band 3 than band 40 because it depends on your location.

You can find which band you are currently using in the Net velocity app from jio.

Download Net velocity 

How to lock any available Lte bands of Jio

This guide is only for smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets

and you phone must have root access to do this method

You need to download an app   Network Signal Guru

1.Open Network Signal Guru app

2. Tap on the magic wand icon on top right.

3. Select Band locking.

4. Select Lte

5.  You can find the Supported bands of your mobile listed there and there will be that three bands which the jio is available on. Tap on the band you want to use and untick all the remaining

6. Reboot your Phone

7. Check your current band on Net velocity app

8.You can also check the video attached below for more detail information