CyanogenMod Themes
CyanogenMod Themes

I am sure you like a friend Brush are used  CyanogenMod , as a native style Rom, it may not meet the aesthetic style of a lot of people, but thanks to CM launched the “CyanogenMod Themes” applications, we can install different themes to give our mobile phone New Look, and this privilege is not limited to CM, a number of other open-source Rom can also be used, such as magic and fun Paranoid Rom, i gave you recommend the following ten high-quality theme, I hope you can find your favorite style.

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CyanogenMod Themes All In one Zip File

Coalfield CM12 theme:

Download: Click Here

Application drawer have not changed. Dial system interface design has become a black theme, even the phone icon are changed, this is a very high degree of completion theme.

Floating CM12 Theme:

Download: Click Here

The main theme of fresh blue, the overall feeling is very lovely, like the duo A dream style (ah my childhood). Pull down the notifications bar style and theme color is with the virtual keys below the replacement also became his own style, the details of doing a good place. There are some signs setup interface does not change color, can be considered a minor flaw.

Drawer interface can be seen, the theme of this icon pack limited coverage, circular icon inside mark is too small, it may be more difficult to identify. Also this theme system dial interface is actually green blue if it can be changed then it will be even more perfect.

LessUgly CM12.1 Theme:

Download: Click Here

Although this theme called  LessUgly, but in my opinion, it can not just “not ugly”, in fact I’ve used it and worked like a charm. The Home screen is dark lines, the drop-down menu with a little red, the virtual keys below have their own style. Setup interface does not appear the color of the above negligence, it is still red embellishment, unified interface perfect.

The topic did not bring the icon pack, how wise choices, they appear one or two do not fit destroy the beauty icon as well not fit icon. System dial interface has been redesigned, with great colors and themes, I personally like this unified theme.

PiazzA Theme:

Download: Click Here

PiazzA  this theme at first glance and  Floating  like the theme color is blue, it is not. The drop-down menu you can see, it is reflected in the blue shortcut button is lit in. Set interface is the same, only the selected will turn blue as the color dotting appear.

Square icon coverage broad, common system applications are redrawn, but the third party is still very unsightly. The system interface is a blue dial, although no other design.

SugarPop Theme for CM12/CM12.1:

Download: Click Here

SugarPop this name a look that is very youthful theme, it really is the color of the air show. Drop-down menu design two levels, with a very bold color, it is worth mentioning that the virtual Home keys has been replaced by Android  head robot, red fruit to sell Meng. Set the interface is very lovely, colorful design look very playful.

This theme does not redraw icon, dial-up interface color can be considered uniform.

Material Glass CM12 Theme:

Download: Click Here

This is the subject of a transparency effect, the main screen great effect, very transparent feeling, tune into the virtual keys are also translucent. Transparency of the drop-down menu to do a little too far, easy to see behind the words, the impact recognizable. And no other settings interface design, the background is transparent high, although simple and crude, but the effect is a little cool.

This theme redraw the part of the system icons, but still there is ” an assumed name bad gruel ” situation. System interface dial a little ugly.

MIUI 7 CM12 / PA Theme:

Download: Click Here

This name one can tell what style, the main screen is good, a kind of mold, the virtual buttons are traded like  MIUI  style. The drop-down menu is also doing well, each color has its own shortcut buttons, signal where I do not have a card, the card to normal. Set interface color is too MIUI.

Icon in the system are redrawn become part of the MIUI  style, then there is a problem of any third party. The system replaced the white dial interface themes, but also try to imitate the  MIUI , generally speaking in good faith.

CyanOS theme for CM12:

Download: Click Here

This theme is an imitation of  CyanOS , many people may not know, Cyanogen  In addition to  CyanogenMod  addition also launched their own  CyanogenOS , probably seen on the chart style, science and technology lifestyle. The theme of the home screen more handsome, virtual keys has also been redesigned. The drop-down menu that will light up the color changed to blue. Setup interface into the dark tone + blue, with a full sense of science and technology. See also square icons, icon harmonious system and third-party application icons at this point can not always do. Dial interface is also the theme of dark, very unified whole!

CM12 Xperia Z4 Theme:

Download: Click Here

Xperia Z4  The theme I like , the main screen is very  Xperia  wind, replaced by virtual buttons  Xperia  launcher style. Sorry only drop-down menu to change the brightness of the color bar, but also the comparison of violation and, I do not know if the position does not install theme. Set interface to replace the icons and colors, it looks very seductive. System icons are replaced by the Xperia, but third-party applications together and no sense of violation and can not help but call a “good Sony”! Dial interface a little strange, but also blue and green.

Flyme THE CM12 / 12.1:

Download: Click Here

Flyme  loved green, much like the main screen to do, but also changed the style of the virtual keys. The drop-down menu shortcut buttons replaced the circular, semi-transparent background, the effect is very good, eye-catching and beautiful. Settings menu has tried to imitate  Flyme, at least much like the style. System icons are replaced Flyme icons, and third parties with them still pass. Dark lines and dial-up interface feels Flyme fresh is not in line.

Looked pretty CM ten themes above, you also feel that the native UI can become very beautiful isn’t it? if you have other beautiful CM theme recommended, you can also share with us by Contact Us or Comment Below.


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